Sending items to Mauritius – general advice All goods must have attached the original Waybill, Commercial Invoice, and packing list – otherwise Customs delays will result. Proforma Invoices may be accepted for gifts and samples only. Expect a minimum 48 hour delay for all goods where paperwork was not been imaged at origin or goods... View Article


Sending items to France – general advice   According to French Customs regulations, DHL can only hold uncleared shipments in bonded warehouses for 20 days after the date of arrival. If the necessary documentation / instructions are required to process clearance have not be made available in due time to the import gateway, the shipment... View Article


SENDING SHIPMENTS TO SINGAPORE – GENERAL ADVICE The current GST rate for shipments entering Singapore is based on 7% of the Commercial Invoice value for all shipments of CIF value above SGD 400. Proforma Invoices are not accepted. Import Duty is only applicable for the following commodities: Intoxicating Liquors; Tobacco Products; Motor Vehicles; and Petroleum... View Article


SENDING SHIPMENTS TO THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – GENERAL ADVICE Shipment value above AED 50000 must have the following documents Original Invoice with stamp & sign of shipper. No stamp by Chamber of Commerce required. Original Certificate of Origin stamped by Chamber of commerce. Shipments valued between AED 1000 to 50000 should have country of... View Article


SENDING SHIPMENTS TO ITALY – GENERAL ADVICE An EORI (Economic Operator Registration & Identification) number is needed to import and export in and from the European Union. Foreigners can apply for a temporary EORI number with any Italian Customs Office. For more information and application forms please click here Customs duties will be charged to... View Article


  SENDING SHIPMENTS TO SWITZERLAND – GENERAL ADVICE All commercial shipments must be accompanied by a Commercial Invoice with a practical value and typed in print format. Invoices stating No Commercial value will not be accepted. Pro-forma Invoices are unacceptable. Clearance delays depend on the receiver’s ability to present required permits.   DOCUMENT SHIPMENTS Switzerland... View Article


SENDING SHIPMENTS TO TANZANIA – GENERAL ADVICE Every goods shipment must be accompanied by the original Commercial Invoice, with no amendments by the receiver. Proforma Invoices are not accepted. All importers (companies and private importers) must be registered with the Tanzania Revenue Authority and issued with a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). This needs to be... View Article


Sending shipments to Zambia – general advice All imports by companies must include the original Commercial Invoice, clearly stating the currency of transaction. Proforma Invoices are not acceptable. Imports done by companies must include the Tax identification number on the Commercial Invoice. Shipments to unregistered organisations can not be cleared and will be seized. For goods... View Article

Hong Kong

SENDING SHIPMENTS TO HONG KONG – GENERAL ADVICE Import, export & transit of equipment designed for military purposes, firearms, weapons & their parts as well as any electronic components may require a license. Please contact DHL prior to shipping these items. Specify the relevant Incoterms in the invoice for Customs valuation. Please contact DHL if... View Article


Sending shipments to Canada – general advice  DHL Customs Brokerage must have a signed Canadian Power of Attorney authorisation and Registered Business Number on file, or in the case of DDP (Deliver Duty Paid), a Shipper’s Power of Attorney and Shipper’s Non-Resident Business number on file. These are required to clear shipments into Canada. DHL... View Article