What is a Temporary Export?

A temporary export is a shipment or commodity that is sent out of ZA for a temporary time period with the intent of the shipment being returned to ZA within the prescribed period. Examples would include surveillance equipment, testing equipment, exhibition or trade shows or for a company completing a project outside of ZA. There... View Article

What is a commercial invoice?

Commercial invoice: Note ZA Customs do not accept proforma invoices –whether you use a commercial or proforma invoice has no bearing or impact on the duty liability. Nor is it accepted practice to allow the wording of “no customs value” The commercial invoice is used specifically for Customs procedures and contains important information regarding the... View Article

What is a Clearing Instruction?

It is mandatory for importers and exporters to provide their clearing agents with clearance instructions for EVERY formal clearance in terms of the Customs and Excise Act, 1964. A copy can be downloaded from here.