What is the Disbursement Fee?

It is the DHL Express Fee for the use of DHL’s bond facility with Customs. The Receiver is able to pay Customs through DHL instead of arranging their own clearance, bonds, cash or credit line directly with SARS. The service enables a faster clearance of imported goods requiring formal custom clearance.

Once I have paid, how long will clearance take?

Once payment has been allocated, clearance begins with the submission of the accepted draft clearance to Customs. Response time from SARS remains variable and could take anything between 2 hours to 5 working days, this lead time can also be affected by the nature of unprecedented queries and/audits.

How is VAT calculated on imported goods?

VAT is presently levied at the standard rate of 15%. To calculate VAT on imported goods, the Added Tax Value (ATV) needs to be determined first. This is done as follows : (Customs Rand Value (On date of exchange) + 10% thereof + (any non-rebated duties levied on the goods) =  [ATV] x 15% (... View Article

I require a Tax Invoice in order to make payment

The Shipment Arrival Notification is also a Pro-Forma Invoice which is issued because the charges listed are only an estimation. A final Tax Invoice is issued once the shipment is cleared and will be delivered to you either by hand (for Cash Customers) or electronically (for Account Customers).

How do I pay DHL for my Vat & Duties?

Customers can pay by clicking on the Online Payment Portal link on the Shipment Arrival Notification sent by e-mail from DHL. In addition, a text message will be sent to the customer’s mobile phone number ( if the mobile phone number is supplied), containing the URL that would direct the customer to the Payment Portal.