What is a Temporary Export?


A temporary export is a shipment or commodity that is sent out of ZA for a temporary time period with the intent of the shipment being returned to ZA within the prescribed period. Examples would include surveillance equipment, testing equipment, exhibition or trade shows or for a company completing a project outside of ZA. There is a time limit on the temp export of 6 months. It is important to note that there will be increased 1-2 day transit delay due to the mandatory customs inspection.

All temporary exports must be registered with SARS on a DA65 form prior to export (no post export clearance is allowed for temporary exports) Also must have clear serial numbers or marking or where there are no markings or serial number then photographs (for example for fashion garments being sent for a fashion show) as the export is done under customs supervision.

Customs inspects the shipment and stamps the DA65 and upon return the inspection is done against this DA65 to verify the same shipment is being returned. This is to ensure that the customer does not pay import duties and tax. The customer is liable to pay customs charges on the cost of repairs.

Expect a transit delay of 24-48 hour due to a customs inspection.