Applying for an Import (ITAC) permit

ITAC – International Trade Administration Committee If an ITAC permit is required, otherwise also known as an Import Permit, it generally means that the product being imported is “used” or “second-hand” goods. Even refurbished goods are considered second-hand and therefore subject to the production of an Import Permit. This information on whether the goods are... View Article

Importing Personal Items

The import or export of personal effects takes various forms which are discussed further on this page. The export of personal effects is not as burdensome on the shipper simply because there is no payment of duty implications although certain commodities may require additional paperwork such as prescriptions for medication and export permits for any... View Article

Importing Wedding Dresses

South African residents have been increasingly taking advantage of affordable clothing, especially wedding dresses manufactured and sold from the far east, including China. What is often unknown is that clothing such as wedding dresses will attract an import duty rate of 40% of the purchase price payable to customs. Please read below for more critical... View Article

Receiving a gift from overseas

Who doesn’t love to receive a gift from a loved one or family member? Customer regulations around the receipt of gifts in South Africa are very clear and we strongly recommend reading through this article to get a better understanding prior to receiving your gift. DHL has noticed increasing numbers of residents in South Africa... View Article

Repair and Return

Do you need to send your shipment to another country for repair? If this is done properly, you can ensure a smooth transit and minimal costs in terms of customs charges. Selecting Repair and Return (R&R) is a clearance method that allows: Goods to be re-imported into the country free of duty (not VAT) after... View Article